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We believe in helping our clients create the best version of themselves through a sustainable and smart approach to nutrition. Whether you are trying to lose body fat, build muscle mass, or just start eating more healthy, let us be there for you to provide direction, support, and education on how to tackle your goals.


Our philosophy:

  • Sustainable

  • Long Term

  • Education

  • Accountability

We believe in programs that are sustainable, long-term approaches to tackle nutrition. We are firmly against quick fixes, starvation methods and fad diets. Instead, we want you to eat the most amount of food possible while achieving your goals. Along the way, you will learn how to approach your own nutrition so that you are not a client for life- you are only a client until you learn how to manage your own nutrition. We also believe that the way to get to a place of self-sustainability is through education, as well as building a strong relationship with your coach. Each of our coaches strive to give you a high level experience during your program by treating you individually and always being responsive to you.


Our Process

-Reach out to us!

-Sit down (in person or virtually) with one of our coaches

-Choose a program (your coach will help determine what is best for you and your goals)

-Become well fed- we want you to be the best version of yourself while learning as much as you can about nutrition


your coaches

Every one of our Well Fed coaches has their own unique nutrition journey. They will bring their experiences and knowledge together with your goals to help you create your best self.


Nicole Torres

Program Director
Precision Nutrition, Level 1 | CrossFit Level 2 | Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration | Juris Doctor

Nicole was born and raised on the south shore of Massachusetts, having attended Babson College for business followed by Suffolk University for law school. Nicole has competed in sports for many years from playing youth soccer, volleyball and field hockey to competing in softball at the collegiate level. It was not until Nicole discovered CrossFit in 2010 that she started to realize how important nutrition was when trying to live a healthy life and create a healthy body. This became even more evident when Nicole competed at the CrossFit Regionals in 2015. It was during that year that she became Precision Nutrition certified and began working with clients on achieving their own nutritional goals.

In 2017 Nicole had her daughter, after which she was reminded all over again how important it is to start a healthy lifestyle with a foundation and base in nutrition. After a lot of hard work and focus on eating to build back a strong body, Nicole ran the Boston Marathon 10 months after having her daughter. Nicole firmly believes that nutrition is the most powerful tool for combating chronic disease, leading a healthy life, and becoming the best version of yourself. She started Well Fed Nutrition in January of 2018 in order to spread her philosophy about nutrition and lifestyle changes to those who are ready to start living their best lives!


Nicole Newton

Head Coach
Precision Nutrition, Level 1| Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics | AFPA Sports Nutrition Certification | CrossFit Level 1

Nicole’s journey with health and fitness started from a young age as a product of my body-consciousness and lack of self-esteem. In high school, these feelings led her to try every fad diet under the sun and run for countless hours, all for the wrong reasons. Before entering her freshman year of college, she walked into CrossFit in an attempt to change up her monotonous running routine. Little did she know that this sport would have a huge impact on many facets of her life and help her discover her future career.

Through her schooling, continuing her own health journey, and helping numerous clients reach their goals, she has learned first-hand that food affects so much more than just the way we look - it affects the way we think, feel, and live, too. She gets no greater joy than helping educating and empowering others to reach their goals and transform their lives through nutrition education, realistic lifestyle changes, and an immense level of empathetic support.


Connie Dushney

Macro & Balanced Eating
3 years working with macro clients Bachelor’s Degree in Science Currently pursuing Precision Nutrition, Level 1

My love for fitness and nutrition bloomed later in my life after having children, partly. I didn’t have the confidence to walk into a gym and I certainly didn’t have the willpower to take control of my eating until the weight really started to sneak up on me over the years. Within a few months of having my first child and making the decision to stay at home with him, I found myself needing something for “me” in my life. I joined a gym and immediately fell in love with fitness, so much so that I became a fitness instructor through Les Mills and Body Training Systems for six years. During this time in my life, I “out trained” my unhealthy diet, frankly because I loved food so much (and still do) and didn’t really understand how much nutrition actually played a role in our overall fitness and mental health.

Going on my third year now of starting my own venture as a macros coach, my passion has grown even deeper for helping others reach their nutritional goals, watching them succeed even when they think they’re not capable of change, and transforming not only their bodies but their whole lives. With my love for food, I’m constantly motivated by recipes and meals to properly fuel our bodies and love bringing out that inspiration to others in the kitchen.


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